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My name is Brett Saiki. I am a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Washington double-majoring in computer engineering and mathematics. I am do research on computer number systems and term-rewriting techniques alongside my advisers Zach Tatlock and Pavel Panchekha. I currently work on projects like Herbie, Ruler, and FPBench.

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  • Herbie - a tool for minimizing error in floating-point expressions.

  • FPBench - a collection of benchmarks, compilers, and standards for the floating-point research community.

  • Ruler - a framework for synthesizing rewrite rules for a particular domain.


Rewrite Rule Inference Using Equality Saturation
Chandrakana Nandi, Max Willsey, Amy Zhu, Brett Saiki, Yisu Wang, Adam Anderson, Adriana Schulz, Dan Grossman, Zachary Tatlock
Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages & Applications (OOPSLA) 2021
Distinguished Paper Award

Combining Precision Tuning and Rewriting
Brett Saiki, Oliver Flatt, Chandrakana Nandi, Pavel Panchekha, Zachary Tatlock
IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic (ARITH) 2021
Paper - Talk

Side Projects

  • Minim - a Scheme-like language inspired by recent work in Racket.

  • ENL - a library of alternate number systems written in C. Currently supports quad-double.”

  • generic-flonum - Racket interface for MPFR that supports subnormal numbers and variable exponent sizes.


  • FPBench community - FPBench, FPCore, number systems, and more. Please start here if you want to know more about the FPBench Project.

  • Herbie web demo - an interactive page that runs programs through Herbie. Try it out!